Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Reckless Aba
RECKLESS ABANDONMENT • $895 24”x48”  on canvas, framed in raw solid 2.5"x1.5" wood
Michele Trabelsi Studio Mayhem.jpg
MAYHEM • $1025 36”x48” on canvas 
Michelle Trabelsi Studio Infinite Energy
INFINITE ENERGY • $2850 48”x51” on canvas
framed in black solid 2.5"x1.5" wood
2.Michelle Trabelsi Studio - Circ du Sol
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL • $2248 36”x48” on wood
framed in black solid 3.5"x1.5" wood
Michelle Trabelsi Studio My Life in  Gla
LIFE THROUGH A GLASS JAR • $495 36”x48” on canvas 
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Chaos.jpg
Michelle Trabelsi Purple Rain.jpg
PURPLE RAIN • $825 24”x36” on canvas
Michelle Trabelsi Studio My Colorful Lif
MY COULORFUL LIFE  $895 24”x 48” on wood 
framed floating on black solid 2.5"x1.5" wood 
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Exhale.jpg
EXHALE   $795 20”x 30” on wood, framed in black solid 2.5"x1.5" wood
CHAOS  $825 24”x 36” on canvas, framed in black solid 2.5"x1.5" wood
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Autumn Drizz
AUTUMN DRIZZLE  SOLD 20”x 30” on wood
framed in magenta solid 2.5"x1.5" wood 
Michelle Trabelsi Studio - Vulnerability
VULNERABLILITY  SOLD 15”x 12” on canvas, framed in metal
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Serendipity.
SERENDIPITY  16”x 20” on canvas 
Michelle trabelsi Studio - Blue Haired P
BLUE HAIRED PITY PARTY  $295 8x 8”on canvas 
framed in raw solid 3.5"x1.5" wood
Michelle Trabelsi Studio -EMBRACE.jpg
EMBRACE SOLD 12”x 12” on canvas 
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - Rehab.jpg
LOVE by Michelle Trabelsi.jfif
LOVE SOLD 2'x8' on canvas 
Michelle Trabelsi Studio - Hope.jpg
Michelle Trabelsi Studio Origami.jpg
ORIGAMI $425 12”x 36” on canvas 
Michelle Trabelsi Studio - Mama Mia.jpg
RISEN   SOLD 8”x 8” on canvas 
JUSTICE  SOLD 8”x 8” on canvas 
HOPE  SOLD 20”x 30” on canvas
framed in black solid 2.5"x1.5" wood
Michelle Traabelsi Studio - .Justice.jpg
BLIPPY  SOLD 8”x 8” on canvas 
REHAB  SOLD 16”x 20” on canvas 
Michelle Trabelsi by Heather Van Gaale.j
Cirque du Soleil • in the works
Michelle Trabelsi & Carmen Gusmao.jpg
Michelle & Brazilian Artist, Carmem Gusmao

My Life & Art style is eclectic & colorful.  Artistically, I am inspired by Pablo Picasso & Eddie Von Liebel.  My soul is inspired by Audrey Hepburn & others that make a life of giving to those who suffer or have less… Athletically, I am inspired by those who have the determination & courage to persevere through great odds.  My spirit, and what moves me to create the way I do is truly inspired by the grace of God and not one piece is the same.

Art, Design & Creativity literally run through my veins. Although I was separated from my birth family the first 29 years of my life, my mother & 3 sisters are Artists & Yogi’s in Aspen, Los Angeles & Hawaii.

For me creating & painting is as therapeutic as practicing yoga & martial arts.  My paintings are inspired by brilliant colors & depth.  All of my paintings are several layers deep, with colorful backgrounds peeking through.  My backgrounds are most brilliant in good light & usually have something to do with LoVe, which I incorporate throughout the layers of my paintings. You can say I express my LoVe of Life through Art!

Look for my upcoming project where I will be creating a yoga/fitness apparel & hard good line incorporating my abstract designs!

Each "Language of Life" art purchase will directly impact my Instructor Scholarship Fund to benefit individuals who have the desire to "inspire others" through teaching yoga and fitness, but cannot afford tuition.