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"when you embrace challenge, you embrace change... create possibilities"
~michelle trabelsi
Bootie Camp Barre | Bootie Camp Fitness
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BOOTIE CAMP BARRE® (all levels)
Classical Ballet sequencing fused together with that famous Bootie Camp Yoga® “burn” to make this an experience your bootie will never forget! Be prepared to start on that journey to a tight, round bootie while mastering basic ballet & yoga postures! This class is offered both on and off the barre! This is an All level class!

This is a physically challenging Power Vinyasa-Hatha style yoga class with much focus on alignment, strength, and flowing through yoga poses while exploring leg & arm balances. The emphasis is on complete mind & body presence, while challenging the muscles and also stressing the importance of awareness of one’s own physical limitations. The importance of using the breath for power, focus, balance & muscle endurance is strongly emphasized. We move through invigorating hip opening poses, and why you feel emotionally and physically euphoric when you leave!
Norris PAC-The Ballet Co | Bootie Camp Barre
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  • Saturday ~9am Bootie Camp Barre® 
  • TBA ~ Power Flow & Balance
25747 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta 92562
"take the challenge, feel the burn" 
                                                                                                                                  ~michelle trabelsi
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