I believe wholeheartedly in the healing powers of Cannabis as it has literally been my Saving Grace through my healing process of rotator cuff repair recovery and Hyperthyroidism!  This is why I have partnered with Carlsbad Naturals in Carlsbad, CA.


CBD's have personally helped me with the following, and I am completely OBSESSED with the Rasa Coconut Waters & Hemp Rain Sparkling Waters!  I either drink as is or squirt a few drops of enhancers in my drink!

  • SEVERE JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN (Hemp Infused -Real Pain Relief Cream )

  • INFLAMMATION  (tincture)

  • ANXIETY /STRESS (tincture)

  • IMMUNITY (tincture & enhancer)

  • SLEEP (tincture, enhancer & shot)

  • HANGOVER (RESCUE enhancer & shot)

  • SKIN (topical healing creams for the face *We also have a skincare line available!)

Hemp infused - Real Pain Relief
This Amazing proprietary blend of Hemp and organic ingredients work together for immediate pain relief (8oz available by special order). 
This dynamic duo works very well together as the tincture works on the inside promoting healing and reducing inflammation, while the cream works on the outside!
                                          6oz                                                         4oz                                               2oz 
10,500 mg  
fl. oz       
4,500 mg 
1 fl. oz    
2,500 mg 
1 fl. oz
 1,000 mg
1 fl. oz 
Satisfy Your Soul
Eachof our Rasa flavors has been uniquely designed to target one of the body's seven energetic channels- known as Rasa(s)
CBD Infused Water Enhancers

What powers the PFX effect? MVP goes to PhytoFx™, a proprietary blend of CBD Naturals® Beta-Caryophyllene and hemp-derived Phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBC, and CBG. This all-natural ingredient blend has been enhanced with smart delivery technology that increases the bioavailability of CBD Naturals® phytocannabinoid complex, so you can drop it in, and bang it out. Each of our PFX beverage enhancers contains PhytoFX™ blended with other specifically selected botanicals to help target your body’s energy needs no matter where they fall on the work to play spectrum.

About FastCBDRelief™ Concentrated Health Shots 
Pioneers of phytocannabinoid science and technology, we take instant relief very seriously. It is our mission to provide a variety of effective products that give you immediate, lasting release from pain, no matter how big or small. That is why our team of Doctors have spent the last decade perfecting the best combination of ingredients to quickly soothe discomfort so we could bring FAST CBD RELIEF™ to you. We’ve perfected the method of fast relief using the most effective phytocannabinoid science for oral and topical delivery. Our patented formulation targets your pain quickly with CBD Naturals® powerful phytocannabinoid complex, plus for an added boost, many of our products feature natural botanicals and essential oils that are known to help balance and ground your senses.
FDA approved for virus emergency/pandemic use
We just added the most incredible SANITIZER to our product line! We offer this product in conjunction with Carlsbad Naturals located in Carlsbad California! We are offering our sanitizer in 1 gallon containers, 55 gallon tubs,  and 16oz spray bottles.
Our product “Virocene” is FDA approved for virus emergency/pandemic use. It is completely safe and non toxic and is proven to kill 99.9% of virus causing germs. We have an unlimited supply source at ANY level or size of ordering. 
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