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I am the absolute recipient of the miraculous healing power of CBD infused medicinal products, especially the topical pain relief cream that was developed locally!  
In 2018 & 2019 I required two major surgeries, for a very serious autoimmune & thyroid condition as a direct result from breast implants, and the other one, for rotator cuff repair surgery.  The pain was BEYOND unbearable!

These two surgeries were a matter of months apart, and because of this, the combination of the two painful recovery periods at the same time, produced an unimaginable pain level. Concerned with the post-op OPIODS that were going to prescribed to me, and the danger of the addiction they posed, as I am NOT one to take pain medication of any kind, I decided to search several medical marijuana dispensaries, in the hope to find for an effective, natural pain alternative to the OPIODS. Nothing Worked!!!!
I purchased, a one ounce jar of THC infused pain relief cream, for $57.00 that proved to be absolutely worthless and ineffective! So, I went to a hippie-friend/mad scientist guru that has extensive knowledge of the medicinal properties of marijuana, by way of Mr. Rick Simpson's work, and set out to see if we could research and produce, a truly effective and affordable pain relief cream for my serious pain needs.
After several formulas and extraction methods, a pain relief cream was especially developed for me that worked miraculously! All developed in perfect time for my surgery! This formulation literally
"SAVED MY LIFE".  Now, dozens of friends & family who have used this cream have experienced the same exciting pain relief results that I experienced!
As far as the tinctures, I carry are the BEST in the industry!  These tinctures were developed by Jared Berry, whos is a pioneer in this field, and who has been on the forefront of medicinal marijuana research & development for over 15+ years. 
I carry 250mg up to 10,500mg tinctures.  When my body was yo-yo'ing between Hashimotos and Graves disease as a direct result from the toxins from my breast implants being removed, I would use the 1000mg for anxiety because my heart was uncontrollably racing.  When I had to get up on stage and teach, not only would my heart race, I would actually black out for a few seconds at a time while teaching, and usually while balancing on one leg (true story).  I would get off the stage, run over to my bag and and put a dropperful under my tongue.  I felt relaxed in a matter of several minutes.  The higher level of tincture would help me sleep at night during times where I suffered from insomnia!  The tinctures are also GREAT for immunity & pain!!  Below is a list of benefits.

AMAZING & surprisingly additional benefits of the PAIN CREAM:
  • severe pain (back, shoulder, knees, wrists, hips, sciatica, etc.)
  • restless leg syndrome
  • arthritis
  • bee stings & mosquito bites 
  • hemorrhoid's
  • itchy skin
  • age spots
  • hemorrhoids
  • cuts & bruising
AMAZING benefits of the TINCTURES:
  • anxiety (even for dogs & children)
  • immunity
  • pain
  • brain healing
  • cognitive function
  • seizures
  • autoimmune support
I am honored and excited, to have the opportunity to represent these products!
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I will also be carrying Chinese herbs such as The Reishi Mushroom and other Chinese based herbs that have helped me tremendously in the journey back to health!
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