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  • You will have a clear understanding of how to control the movement of your muscles, using focus & breath control and learn how the muscles work in conjunction with the mind in balance flow movements.


  • You will have clear knowledge surrounding the principals of alignment & be able to demonstrate basic Yoga postures & understand the basic muscle groups you are  stretching & working. ALL formats are infused with basic Vinyasa Flows.

  • Bootie Camp Barre®: You will also have clear knowledge an be able to demonstrate basic Ballet postures and sequencing and flow them together in a  class.


  • You will be able to safely execute resistance exercises using proper alignment & understand the basic muscle groups you are working, as well as understand agility, flexibility & mobility through dynamic movement.​


  • You will be given enough choreography & direction to able to successfully teach a 60 minute Bootie Camp Strength class

Bootie Camp Strength™ Cert

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