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Transformation. Strength. Stamina. Endurance. Those four words describe what my experience with BCY has been.

My LOVE of BCY started in August of husband was traveling often and this mom of four wanted to stay active but couldn't find a class that fit her schedule...except for BCY. That first class was THE hardest class I've ever taken: it challenged me like no other. I only showed up the following week because it was the ONLY class I could squeeze in during the week! I found myself taking breaks and modifying that first class and the second class, but then I noticed something the third class...less breaks, less modifications. This could only mean one thing: I was getting stronger! I was already slim to begin with but I was certainly toning in areas that were previously hard for me to target (the booty!!) Within a month, people were noticing I was slimming down and asked what I was doing to achieve my physique.

Two years have gone by and I still attend my one BCY class every week. I've been asked how many times I work out at the gym, and I can honestly say just one time. My best kept secret? It's BCY. xo

The combination strength series with yoga flow have directly impacted my life. I have already attested to the strength but I have found myself focusing on my breathing during stressful work situations and overall day to day activities. That 60 minutes a week class is the best gift I can give myself.

PS I love how you see hearts everywhere you go. Truly a heart full of gratitude. Because of your class and the FABULOUS Jill, this mom of 4 can rock a swimsuit! I love being this strong and healthy.

Flor Mowery, Las Vegas, NV


After undergoing major weight loss, I have always tried to find new ways to challenge my body, after years of incorporating Zumba, body pump, spin, body combat , weight lifting, running, and hiking to stay healthy and keep the weight off.

I was speaking to my friend Flor one day and she introduced to BCY after I told her I needed to find ways to change up my routine, and start focusing on toning. My belly has always been my biggest concern from being overweight. I was never into yoga when I was overweight because I felt awkward and felt that I lacked strength--and to be honest normal yoga classes can get boring after the one hour of calm music and same flows. Well, to my surprise BCY was not like any regular yoga. It incorporated weights (which I've always loved) and butt strength series that left my entire body sore for days--and an amazing playlist rocked each class by Jill! Each class is challenging and I notice when I consistently attend the classes my belly starts to slim down. In the most recent months I've gotten feedback from people saying "wow your legs look amazing" or "is your butt growing"? And trust me, I've tried everything to give my booty some sort of lift because I was not blessed in the gene pool. BCY is the class that I find myself thinking of Descartes. "I think; therefore I am". I found that the power of the mind in this class is key. BCY has taught me that I am stronger than what I thought I was and that I can be flexible too. It has also helped slim my arms as well, and that to me is a huge success because going from having overweight arms to slimmer arms isn't easy. I started with 5 lb weights when I began the class, then increased to 6's and now as Jill says "rocking my 7's". I hope by the end of this year I can end the year with 8's or 9's. I'm glad I was introduced to this class because I know it's changing my body a class at a time. And when it comes to my personal weight loss goal, I am still a work in progress and BCY is a tool that will enable me to achieve the body and strength that I've always wanted to have.

PS- Thank you Michelle for creating BCY! Many thanks to Jill from the bottom of my heart because she really cares and always makes sure to answer any questions I have, and class just wouldn't be the same without her!

Jazmin Gelista, Las Vegas, NV

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