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Bootie Camp Yoga | Bootie Camp Fitness

Through our unique fitness programs, we strive to educate and inspire individuals of ALL abilities that optimal strength, and flexibility can be attained at ANY stage of life through slow muscle toning movement, proper body alignment, breath control and focus.

Our  fitness programs focus on strength, balance, and sculpting  the derriere!   
Each format is infused with a bit of Power Yoga. You will feel AMAZING! as our Bootie Camp Fitness programs sculpt your body and seriously kick your BOOTIE!

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Michelle Trabelsi - Bootie Camp Boxing™ - FF #boxingtraining #boxingworkout #boxing #martialarts
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Bootie Camp Yoga | Bootie Camp Fitness
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A Power Yoga based fitness program that sculpts the derriere! We focus on breath control & muscle resistance, as we flow through poses, balance & bootie exercises! You will feel AMAZING as BCY® sculpts your body and seriously kicks your BUTT! Voted 2014 & 2018 BEST Sporting Activity in Inland Empire & Featured in American Fitness Magazine and on ABC 10  & CW6 News San Diego. News. Lite hand weights are incorporated for 60 minutes of sheer booty bliss! The average Bootie Camp Yoga® student burns 400-700 calories in a 60 minute class! BEST KEPT SECRET IN VEGAS!!

Bootie Camp Barre | Bootie Camp Fitness

Classical Ballet sequencing fused together with that famous Bootie Camp Yoga® “burn” to make this an experience your bootie will never forget! Be prepared to start on that journey to a tight, round bootie while mastering basic ballet & yoga postures! This class is offered both on and off the barre!
Bootie Camp Boxing | Bootie Camp Fitness

The Creator takes her Martial Arts, Boot Camp Drills & Heavy Bags/Boxing experience to a more intense level while infusing Power Yoga into the mix. This combination produces an Electrifying workout for both the SERIOUS Athlete-Yoga Practitioner, and Beginner!  You will learn practical applications in this high energy class while having FUN!  This class was created for the heavy bags, and is equally electrifying off-the-bags!
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This class is a compilation of the most intense full-body strength & core exercises from our Bootie Camp Fitness formats! The combination of the Bootie Camp “BURN” we all LOVE with high repetition strength endurance training will give you the results you crave – and NOT just in the bootie! This class is for the SERIOUS Athlete and Beginner alike. This is a RESULTS driven workout that is guaranteed to be FUN!!
Bootie Camp Barre H20 | Bootie Camp Fitness
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A mix of  Bootie Camp Barre® and a little Bootie Camp Yoga® under water! Flow through yoga & barre poses, and water exercises that sculpt the Bootie, amidst the resistance of water! You will feel AMAZING as Bootie Camp Barre® H2O sculpts your body and seriously kicks your BUTT in a gentle way!
Bootie Camp Cycling | Bootie Camp Fitness

This class is for the SERIOUS Cycling Enthusiast that LOVES the INTENSITY of riding up long rolling hills to Rock n' Roll! This class will make you SWEAT for sure and of course, SERIOUSLY kick your butt!

A Message from the Creator


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the exciting new fitness programs I have created. I am a 58 year old mother of three (& grandma of 3), and I have been teaching group fitness for nearly three decades.  I am a national  Yoga and Fitness Instructor, and national continuing educational provider, as well as a 200/hour Yoga Alliance registered school. I co -owned  and  operated a martial arts training facility which also included kickboxing, boot camp & power yoga programs. I am also a 2nd degree black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do, Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan..

After becoming sidelined by hip and lower back sports related injuries, I found the practice of power based yoga and its methods put me on the road to recovery from the injuries I had suffered and the lack of mobility I experienced. Since that time, I have worked tirelessly to create strength based fitness programs that included elements of the other disciplines (power yoga, barre, martial arts & boxing) I have studied that would benefit men & women, regardless of age or conditioning. My programs focus on slower strength movements, balance, and breath control, that seriously kick your bootie!

​in 2011, Bootie Camp Yoga® was my first creation to hit the gyms, and I found that it seriously shaped the bootie, and FAST! Since inception I have created 5 additional solid programs that have been popular in many gyms, as well as created a certification program for each format and have certified many instructors over the years. I especially love certifying and inspiring young people and witnessing their growth as they blossom into instructors! 

I sincerely hope that you will find the Bootie Camp Fitness™ programs to be a rewarding and body changing experience as many have, and a program that you will find compelling and evolving enough, to make it part of your endeavor to live a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Bootie Camp Yoga | Michelle Trabelsi  | Heather Van Gaale Photography