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Bootie Camp Yoga | Bootie Camp Fitness

Through our unique fitness programs, we strive to educate and inspire individuals of ALL abilities that optimal strength, and flexibility can be attained at ANY stage of life through slow muscle toning movement, proper body alignment, breath control and focus.

Bootie Camp Fitness is a workout method comprised of a unique design of fitness classes with carefully crafted choreography that targets specific areas of the body, primarily the glutes!

Our  fitness programs focus on strength, balance, and sculpting  the derriere!   
Each format is infused with a bit of Power Yoga. You will feel AMAZING! our Bootie Camp Fitness
programs sculpt your body and seriously kick your BOOTIE!

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Bootie Camp Barre® Michelle Trabelsi-The Ballet Studio #barreworkout  #barre #vinyasa #barrefitness
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Michelle Trabelsi - Bootie Camp Boxing™ - FF #boxingtraining #boxingworkout #boxing #martialarts
Michelle Trabelsi - warrior2 barre flow #barreworkout #barrefitness #poweryoga #strength #bodysculpt
Bootie Camp Yoga | Bootie Camp Fitness
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A Power Yoga based fitness program that sculpts the derriere! We focus on breath control & muscle resistance, as we flow through poses, balance & bootie exercises! You will feel AMAZING as BCY® sculpts your body and seriously kicks your BUTT! Voted 2014 & 2018 BEST Sporting Activity in Inland Empire & Featured in American Fitness Magazine and on ABC 10  & CW6 News San Diego. News. Lite hand weights are incorporated for 60 minutes of sheer booty bliss! The average Bootie Camp Yoga® student burns 400-700 calories in a 60 minute class! BEST KEPT SECRET IN VEGAS!!

Bootie Camp Barre | Bootie Camp Fitness

Classical Ballet sequencing fused together with that famous Bootie Camp Yoga® “burn” to make this an experience your bootie will never forget! Be prepared to start on that journey to a tight, round bootie while mastering basic ballet & yoga postures! This class is offered both on and off the barre!
Bootie Camp Boxing | Bootie Camp Fitness