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Michelle Trabelsi | Bootie Camp Fitness | Denise Kramer Photography
Michelle Trabelsi | Bootie Camp Fitness | Denise Kramer Photography
About Michelle Trabelsi
Encourage One Another and Build Each Other Up 
~1st Thessalonians 5:11

My love for intense physical & mental discipline originated over 30 years ago in the Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, where my daily practice embraced mindfulness though intense mental focus & balance. I began teaching power yoga over 22 years ago. and incorporate the philosophy of martial arts into my practice such as, the importance using the breath for power, focus & balance.  I love blending vinyasa & hatha into a style of yoga I call Power Flow & Balance, with much focus on alignment and emphasis on complete mind & body presence, while stressing the importance of awareness of one’s own physical limitations.  

After teaching pretty much all aspects of group fitness for 3 decades, including martial arts, I have chosen to dedicate my teachings mostly to my Bootie Camp Fitness™ brand (power yoga, barre, strength & boxing), inspiring others to not only incorporate power yoga & strength into their daily life, but inspiring them to inspire others, through my 200 hour yoga teacher training and Bootie Camp Fitness instructor certifications.

As a 58-year-old mom of 3, and grandma of 3, I enjoy outdoor activities, including rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, paddle boarding, shooting and hosting charity events.  I am also very passionate about creating Abstract Art. 

Michelle Trabelsi | Bootie Camp Fitness | Denise Kramer Photography
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